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The whole of East Esplanade, Stuart, Wood, Oyama Streets, Cove Ave, Addison Rd. has Parking Restrictions. We have been granted Parking Permits which will enable Disabled Sailors and Volunteers to park in these streets all day on Sailing Days. These Permits will be handed to you as you sign in on Saturdays and Wednesdays and must be returned before you leave.

To those people who park on the grass in East Esplanade Park; it is vitally important that we stay in our own area, tucking the cars as close as possible to the edge near the swing. We are sharing that area with boats being rigged, trailers, walkers and sunbathers. Manly Council has been extremely generous allowing us to park the accessible buses there. They must not be parked on the walkways, and we must cooperate with the skiff riggers. We not only can be booked if these rules are ignored, but permission to park there may also be removed.  One of the buses was booked this morning putting a damper on proceedings.

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