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General Info

It is essential that you book in for Sailing at least 24 hours before the actual Sailing Day every programmed day. This is to enable the volunteer crew to put out enough boats, and ensure that we have enough skippers for the day. This includes groups that have a group booking, like MAPS and BIRDS. We need to know how many people you are bringing, how many in wheelchairs, and a vague picture of the range of disabilities, e.g. visual impairment, hearing impairment, quadriplegia etc. The phone numbers for booking are 9976 2134 and 9976 2747.

Sailing Days commence at 9.45 a.m., and everyone who wants to sail and has booked should come to the Yacht Club at this time. We will make sure that there are enough boats rigged to accommodate everyone, so that you will get a long sail, sometimes with an experience in race starting, and sailing around a course.

We will be running informal training races for people who want to sail competitively, or simply to learn to sail a course.

All sailors must provide themselves with a hat that stays on, a good sunscreen, and some water to drink. Sailability has life-jackets for everyone who sails.

Make sure you sign the Sailors List when you arrive and please hand-in your permission to take photos consent form.

Download here, by right clicking and "save link as" Permission for photos January 2021.