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Christabel, who shares volunteering at North Head plant nursery, kindly suggested that I might like to try sailing with Sailability Manly where she is a member. I have never sailed before and was delighted to have the opportunity so close to hand in Manly. I duly presented myself dockside last Saturday morning (23rd March) and after being kitted up found myself out on the harbour with John Connor who during the course of our sail around Manly Cove, told me more about the wonderful work that Sailability is doing. As for the sailing, well to my novice eyes it was a beautiful morning with only a hint of a breeze. And so we meandered slowly across towards Fairlight, enjoying the dark green water, watching the arrival and departure of the ferry and a cormorant diving close by. A great experience and a thank you to all the volunteers on hand last Saturday.

Rory Lynsky