Hi, I'm Alan Bimson, after many years of procrastinating, I finally made a booking to check out Sailability for the 8th November, 2008 and after only five minutes of sailing, I turned to my skipper Wayne and said "I'm hooked I'm signing up". I've been sailing every fortnight since then, I even competed in the Port Stephens Cup.

I was a weekend armchair petrol head and would have loved a hot lap around Bathurst also I am a keyboard surfer. But since learning to sail, my priorities have change, the thrill of controlling the momentum of a boat without a motor or brakes is an incredible feeling.

Each time I go sailing I sail with a different volunteer who gives me alternate techniques, it's great because seeing alternate ways to do a task will make it easier to develop  my style to suit my disability. Bill Spence my sailing instructor said that I was almost ready to go solo, I'm not too certain about that, he said this before we came in and I nudged the pontoon a bit harder than I should, Bill said let's go around and try that again, I was much improved the second time around, solo ahh! I don't think so (my thoughts not sure about Bill's). 

Even getting in and out of the boat varies because the pontoon movement is effected by the tide and the wind. But the pontoon manager and volunteers seem to have all the answers.

I recently retired and would love to get more hours on the water.

THANK YOU, Sailability and all the volunteers who really take the hard work out sailing:- rigging, cleaning and storing of the boats and assisting us members in and out of the boats.

The journey continues

Since writing the above I've won Sailability's Most improved Sailor of 2008-09 beneath is he picture of me proudly receiving my award from Manly Yacht Club Commodore, Maz Theaker

Photograph of Alan Bimson receiving his award from Manly Yacht Club Commodore, Maz Theaker

and yes, on the 19th September I went solo for the first time in Clea. I am pictured with Clea Walace whom my dinghy was named after.

Potograph of Alan pictured with Clea Walace whom my dinghy was named after launching Alan from the pontoon


Besides all this I've become a volunteer myself with Sailability, going for my powerboat licence to assist on the safety boat on Wednesdays, Saturdays and am now co-webmaster of this website with Mark Ayers. So I hope you like the changes we're making to the site to make it more accessible.

2013 The journey goes on!!

Yes, I'm still here, not only am I still learning more skills on the water. But as now volunteer webmaster, I have introduced volunteer tutorial videos to our website and have learnt new skills in video and audio editing at 62.

So if you are interested in anything GET INVOLVED !!!  



Alan Bimson