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What a perfect morning for our last General sailing for the year, and our Christmas Party to wish all of our volunteers and participants a Happy Christmas and a great New Year. To celebrate the end of the year, we all got together down at our venue, and wished each other all the best by going for a sail in what are borderline conditions for sailing, and all thoroughly enjoyed the experience of getting wet and wind-blown, and then feasting on a beautiful lunch provided by Helen and Wilma.

Our incomparable team for today consisted of Sailing Coordinator, Ragnhild,

Support Boat Driver, Warwick.

Observer and photographer, Nola.

Radio: Tony.

Sailors: Denis, Rob, Jennie, Mal, John, David W and David G.

Pontoon Manager, Nikki.

Help on the pontoon, Helene and Oliver.

Help on the deck, Alan, and new volunteer, Emily.

What a well organised, super tem this was.

We managed to take:

Fin, Beau, Tess, Ash, sailing and for a ride on the support boat with Grandad, Warwick.

Susie, Juliette, Tom, Margaret with David.

Danny, Elinor, Rodney, and Mark from Rap’n’Rave, with helper Carl.

Judy, Vanessa, Rebecca, Sharon, Danny, Anna, Duane from the community who just came down for an exciting sail. Thanks also to Molly and Ted who came for the party and stayed to help us clean up afterwards.


  • The McKenzie family on Charlie’s Chariot
  • Ash with John in Ralph Newman
  • Fin with Rob in Eli D
  • Nola the photographer
  • Jennie and Father-in law in Dolly Wallis
  • Ben and John in Vin
  • David and Tom in Vin